Community Clean Ups
Working Together, We Make a BIG Difference

Sea the Change organised our first Community Clean Up September 2018 and it was fantastic - over 100 people all working together to clean up our coastline -  we were the change!

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The Clean Up Community is growing

Since our initial event we have run by-annual events every year in March and September and it  has grown so much - in the Coastal Clean Up, in September 2021, over 300 from Belhaven to Blyth took part, and between them they collected  over 500kg of litter!!

In  March 2022 a total of 260 people took part, from Haddington in the north to Blyth in the south (that's about 100 miles of coast) and collected a massive 1,761 kg of litter. 


Much of this was fishing gear, presumably lost during Storm Arwen, which, if left in the marine environment, would have carried on ghost fishing for many years to come. A brilliant job - we should all be feeling very proud of ourselves!

Huge thanks to our sponsors who funded these events - Tescos & Farne Salmon.

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The next Community Clean Up...

The next clean up will be in September 2022, watch this space for more details.....

Doing it for yourselves...

We at Sea the Change really want to support smaller community groups, helping them to be the change they want to see in the world.....inland communities, like at Foulden and Duns, have become involved too, as we all know that eventually much of this litter will end up in the sea.  Check out the video of the event to find out more.


If you would like our help to establish a regular clean- up group or buy or borrow litter picking equipment, please get in touch as Foulden did...

If you would like to organise your own clean-up and would like help with equipment and risk assessments, please get in touch -