Happier, Healthier, more Sustainable Communities

Our mission is to help our whole community enjoy and appreciate the environment so they will care and protect it for future generations 

Sea the Change is a not for profit community enterprise that encourages our whole community to adopt small, but positive changes that create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world. Our events, activities and campaigns engage and educate children and adults in the Borderlands (North Northumberland & Scottish Borders) to help protect our natural environment. 

Sustainability Education Accessibility

Small Changes BIG Impact

Whether it is switching to milk in glass bottles, to ditching the clingfilm for a beeswax wrap, all small changes add up to a BIG impact

Rewilding the Child

Spending time outdoors not only has a huge impact on your mental health, it also encourages you to appreciate and care for the environment

Beaches are for Everyone

Spending time on the beach with your family should be available to everyone. Check out our wonderful new beach wheelchairs at Coldingham Bay!

Sea the Change is a Community Interest Company. SC592169

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