'We live in an amazingly beautiful coastal environment  - encouraging local people, young and old to spend time engaging and looking after it, seems to me the most worthwhile work in the world.'  Els Nicol

Beach Wheelchair Volunteers

Do you live locally? Could you spare some time to help others enjoy the beach?


We need a pool of people who can be on call should we get a request to hire the beach wheelchair. All that’s required is a friendly face and the ability to open the hut and sign in/ out the wheelchair to the user.

Volunteer in our Office

We heavily rely upon our fantastic team of volunteers to make change happen. If you can spare us a few hours or have some way you would like to make positive change, please get in touch.

Help at Events

Can't volunteer on a regular basis but want to help out when you can? No problem, join our team of events volunteers!

Assist with Activities

We need volunteers to assist with activities. If you'd like to lend a hand, get in touch. Full disclosure checks will be needed in advance.

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