When it comes to recycling, local councils in the UK often don’t do nearly enough. Chances are, all those unclassifiable items you’re not sure which bin to throw in aren’t getting recycled by your council. That’s where TerraCycle comes in, operating in 21 countries around the world they partner with brands to create free recycling schemes for specific items — think toothbrushes & toothpaste tubes, contact lenses and packets, crisp and snack packets, baby food pouches…

Terracycle Recycling 

Not only does participating in TerraCycle help the planet, but when you drop off waste at a collection point, Sea the Change can claim TerraCycle points which they can use their points to fund more projects - win, win!!

Eyemouth Collection Points

  • Crisp Packets – Eyemouth Coop & Eyemouth Contact Centre

  • Pet Food – Eyemouth Canine Design

  • Dental Care – Eyemouth Chemist & Eyemouth Dental Practice

  • Baby Food Packaging – Eyemouth Early Years Centre.

Berwick Collection Points

  • Crisp Packets – Berwick Community Trust

  • Pet Food – Pets Direct

  • Dental Care – Berwick Dental Practice

  • Eye Packaging – Specsavers/ Boots Opticians

Post your Packaging

If you live further afield and can't drop your waste off at a public drop-off location near you, please save up your items and get in touch - we can send you a shipping label so you can send off your waste.


Contact us at info@seathechange.org.uk 

Sea the Change is a Community Interest Company. SC592169

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