Children for Change

Our young people are our leaders of tomorrow. We want to help them to enjoy and appreciate the world we live in, whilst finding practical ways to live more sustainably. 


The work we do encourage students to recognise that they have a leading role to play in tackling the climate crisis, while inspiring and enabling them to create and deliver new solutions to protect the places they love.

Please find below a list of activities that your children or school can get involved with:

John Muir Award

Our John Muir Programme is appropriate for later stages of primary  school pupils.  A nationally recognised Award, all children who participate in our John Muir sessions receive a Record Book of their work, plus a Certificate of Graduation.

Outdoor Explorers

It all started with Beach School - a fun and engaging way to get children excited about the natural environment and how they can play their part in protecting it

Plastic Free Schools

Would your schools like to become a Plastic Free School?


Be inspire by Sea the Change and get your children to be the change! Why not start by organising a crisp packet collect? One small with a BIG impact. 

Duke of Edinburgh

Sea the Change is committed to providing valuable volunteering opportunities for young people. If you are doing your Duke of Edinburgh and would like to volunteer with us, please get in touch..

Nurdle Hunts

Do you know what a nurdle is? Come along to one of our guided Nurdle Hunts and hear all about how they end up polluting our beautiful beaches...

Coldingham Toy Box

Do you love going to the beach with the family but hate buying new buckets and spades that might only get used for one day and then left in the sand? We have a created a solution to this problem at Coldingham Beach - our very own Community Toy Box.

Take a toy and have some fun, put it back when you are done!

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