Keeping Sustainability Simple

When we first started Sea the Change our focus was on children, but what we quickly realised was that adults wanted to know how they could make some changes in their lives too to help the whole family live more sustainably. 

We all know that change is a hard thing; so our ethos is to focus on the small changes - pick three things that you can change and work with it until you feel it's sustainable. One of the first things we did was stop buying fruit and veg in plastic from the supermarket, switching to milk delivered in glass bottles, and switching to beeswax wrap and saying goodbye to clingfilm from the kitchen...each and everyone of us has some small changes that they can make, that collectively can have a big impact.

To help you on your journey, we have been gathering helpful hints tips and resources that can keep sustainability simple...

Sustainable Living Workshops

Why not come along to one of our workshops to discover some simple ways that we can all live more sustainably....or if you would like us to come to you, simply get together a group of 15+ friends/club/ village hall and we can deliver a workshop wherever you may be...

Borrow Don't Buy

Sea the Change want to facilitate an affordable and accessible circular economy scheme to connect people with each other and share things they may need just occasionally, build a more sustainable society, and reduce consumption and waste going to landfill.

TerraCycle Recycling by Sea the Change

Crisp packets, pet food pouches, toothbrushes....find out how you can recycle these hard to recycle items...or would you like to sign up to be a Terracycle recycling point for Sea the Change? Get in touch to find out more!

Plastic Free Communities

Sea the Change is the championing Plastic Free Communities in Berwick and Eyemouth.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

Our Change Directory

We often share hints and tips that we've gathered along the way. This directory will help you make some small changes on your own journey of sustainability...


Unsure how to recycle an item...check out this comprehensive list..

Zero Waste Near Me

Zero Waste Near Me is a UK-based, all-inclusive resource of local businesses and community initiatives to help you on your journey in living more sustainably.

Please continue to add your knowledge of local, zero waste products to the map.

Refill Borders - Save plastic, refill your water bottles!

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