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Borrow Don't Buy

Sea the Change wants to help create a circular economy - connecting more people with each other to share the things they may need just occasionally, build a more sustainable society, and reduce consumption and waste going to landfill.

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Coldingham Toy Box

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Do you love going to the beach with the family but hate buying new buckets and spades that might only get used for one day and then left in the sand? We have a created a solution to this problem at Coldingham Beach - our very own Community Toy Box.

Take a toy and have some fun, put it back when you are done!

Party Packs

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Hosting a kids party? Why not ditch the disposable and borrow our reusable party kit that can be used again and again.

We offer: Reusable Tableware – plates, cups, bowls, serving platters,  jug(s), cutlery

Donations welcome. We don’t offer delivery. 

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